Looking for a Solicitor in Guildford?

Like it or not, we’re all going to require legal assistance at certain points in our lives. Somehow, we cannot avoid falling into one or more occurrences that involve matters such as conveyancing, HIPs, signing wills, family law, debt insolvency, employment law, accident claims, asset protection and employment law, just to name a few.

Through different aspect of life – happiness and sorrow, life and death — the law plays a big role.And most people are not quite sure what they should do about it. Here therefore, arises the need to find experts on this field such as solicitors.

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Most people keep off from hiring solicitors as they fear for financial aggravation. They only look for solicitors as a last resort or when things go very, very wrong. Well, hiring a solicitor offers many benefits because they have the requisite knowledge and technical expertise in the legal field. Hiring a local solicitor especially, can be a very wise decision for various reasons as discussed below;

  • One on one time: It’s much easier to trust the solicitor when you have lots of one-on-one time with them. It’s also easier understanding their advice and counsel.
  • Local knowledge: Local solicitors also, know the lay of your locality and have the contacts of other solicitors, judges or barristers. Such working relationships are beneficial in the efficient progress and fair execution of your matter of law.
  • Greater focus on clients: Hiring local solicitors adds a personal touch to your legal needs. local solicitors will give you the attention and time that you won’t get elsewhere.
  • Lower transaction times: working closely with local solicitors often translates into shorter transaction times.
  • Accessibility. In case you fall into a sudden epiphany requiring immediate attention, having a close local solicitor will allow you to solve it faster with the urgency it demands.

Above are but a few of the advantages of hiring local solicitors. If you are considering employing a solicitor, it is worth mulling over whether a local solicitor or one operating in a regional or national practice will be best suited for your case. Below is a profile of the local solicitors available in Guildford.

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Family Law

With over twenty years handling in family law, we offer a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in various matters involving family law such as divorce, civil partnerships, mediation, collaborative law, children and family finance issues. through the breakdown of your relationship and the consequences of that such as divorce or separation; issues involving children mediation; and financial matters. We offer can support as Solicitors; or alternatively as collaborative solicitors or as independent mediators.

All Aspects of Law

We are experts in all aspects of the law and provide friendly and reasonable legal services for a broad range of matters. We handle all sorts of legal issues, such as debt recovery, divorce, property rental and purchase as well as civil disputes and litigation and civil disputes.

A Guildford Based Law Firm

We are a local Guildford-based law firm, offering private and commercial legal advice, alongside specialist services to health care providers. We are Based renowned for our caring and personal ethos, as well as our efficient, professional and cost effective approach to different legal matters including employment, dispute resolution, commercial and residential property, mediation, family and divorce law.

More than 150 Years Experience

We have more than 150 years of experience of working for various clients to make sure that they get the best possible legal advice. Our clients praise us regularly for our professionalism as well as our innovative solutions, which suit their needs. We achieve our clients’ objectives; adhere to their timescales and offer competitive pricing. Our state-of-the-art technology systems enable us to give a traditional service utilizing 21st century methods. We strive to impress our clients with a high quality of financial and legal advice, our deep knowledge, and superb customer service

Guildford’s Top Personal Injury Solicitors

We are Guildford’s top personal Injury Solicitors. Just tell our lawyers how and where the accident took place; and about the personal injuries you sustained so they can aid you understand if you are liable for compensation or not. Our no win-no fee solicitors will assess the merits of your claim using the information you offer to determine how successful the injury claim will be.

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Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on great customer service and in delivering excellence each time. We are a modern, forward looking legal firm that offers practical, client-focused advice quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. With fixed-fee legal services on offer, our vastly experienced team of solicitors deliver discreet, professional and cost-effective services to individuals, families and businesses. We have various specialties among them company & employment issues, divorce, Separation, children mediation, collaborative wills, Trust/ Probate Residential and business property.

Independent Advice to Business

Established in 1984, we offer independent advice to business and private Clients on various ranging from conveyancing to family law. We have built a reputation for providing professional legal services to clients in a friendly and efficient manner.

Commercial & Private Legal Services

We offer a complete range of commercial and private legal services to local as well as national and international clients. We not only have an unusual depth and breadth of experience and knowledge, we’re fully tuned to our areas of operation meaning that we understand the complexities that surround your situation and will be able to make complete sense of them.

Investment & Inheritance Advice

We turn successful clients into extraordinary investors and businesses. We are able to do this by paying attention to our clients’ aspirations and using our specialist expertise and knowledge to get the best results possible. We’re a multidisciplinary, one-stop service for different commercial property investors. Other than our solicitors, we also employ the skills of our in-house chartered survey, accountant and asset management arms. By looking at all aspects of your investment, we will be able to help you clients formulate the best strategy of maximizing your returns.

Divorce, Seperation & Dissolution Services

We strive to make your divorce, separation or dissolution as stress free as it possibly can. We try to protect what’s most important to you: children, financial assets, means of living and relationships with family members. With this in mind we offer a wide variety of legal services at flexible price to meet all your needs. We cover various areas of law among them commercial law, conveyancing/property law, family law and divorce.

While some Guildford Solicitors may specialise in certain areas of law such as business law or family law, we are a multi-discipline practice meaning that we offer assistance on anything from arranging your will to giving employment legal advice and helping companies with legal matters.